420 IMPAC Mission

420 IMPAC is a bipartisan hybrid SuperPAC (federal 527 Political Action Committee) incorporated as a not-for-profit in Oregon. 420 IMPAC makes its contribution and expenditure decisions solely on the basis of support for interstate trade in cannabis, not party.

420 IMPAC’s mission is to make real change in the composition of Congress to achieve meaningful federal cannabis reform on behalf of millions of medical patients, veterans coping with PTSD, and adult-users across the United States. While many policies have changed across some states, the purview of the federal government is interstate trade, and its prohibitionist stances raise costs for those who need it the most while perpetuating the opioid epidemic. Our advocacy is to end the outdated policy of cannabis prohibition.

420 IMPAC will serve as the primary electoral advocacy arm to accomplish the mission stated above. We will generally support and oppose Members as follows:

Champion Members. Champions of interstate federal cannabis reform receive significant support from us through independent expenditures, political contributions, or both. . To be clear, interstate commerce means the full descheduling of cannabis and regulation of interstate commerce.

Evolving Members. Members that have evolved on cannabis issues by vote and word over a 5-year period, may receive political support from us as we see fit. Measures we associate with evolution are all pro-cannabis legislative measures, from appropriations amendments to full legislative measures.

Prohibitionists. 420 IMPAC will target members of the House or Senate who by vote and words remain cannabis prohibitionists, and oppose such members through support of opponents or comparative independent expenditures against the member.

Part of “completing our mission” is ensuring that every prohibitionist in Congress ends up like former Representative Pete Sessions, or becomes an Evolving Member.


420 IMPAC retains K&L Gates LLP as corporate counsel and the E Street Group as PAC consultants.

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